As of Jun 25, 2017, the company operated 635 Buffalo Wild Wings and 9 Rusty Taco restaurants in the US and Canada, and franchisees operated 624 restaurants (13 Rusty Taco restaurants) in the US, Canada, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Panama, and the Philippines.

In fiscal 2016, the company opened/acquired 39 restaurants and closed 5 restaurants, while franchisees opened 37 and closed 6 new restaurants. During the first half of fiscal 2017, the company opened 14 net Buffalo Wild Wings and 7 Rusty Taco restaurants, systemwide. In fiscal 2017, systemwide, the company plans to open 30 restaurants domestically and 20 restaurants internationally, in addition to 12 to 15 Rusty Taco restaurants. Long-term, the company believes the concept can support about 1,700 restaurants in the US and Canada, and 3,000 restaurants worldwide.

All restaurants are either leased or ground leased. The majority of existing leases are for 10 or 15-year terms, generally including options to renew.

Company-operated restaurants range in size from 3,900 to 11,200 square feet, with a typical size of approximately 6,100 square feet for restaurants that opened in the last three years. The current prototype calls for freestanding pad-site locations, on hard corners or end-cap locations with 4,000 to 6,500 square feet and 120 parking spaces, requiring on average, approximately $2.4 million of investment.

Company-operated restaurants634631596491434381
Company-operated restaurant growth5.1%5.9%21.4%13.1%13.9%19.4%
Franchised restaurants616609579591559510
Franchised restaurant growth4.9%5.2%-2.0%5.7%9.6%2.4%
Systemwide restaurants1,2501,2401,1751,082993891
Systemwide restaurant growth5.0%5.5%8.6%9.0%11.4%9.1%
Avg restaurant gross sq ft5,9005,8005,9005,8005,8005,700
Avg restaurant gross sq ft growth7.1%-0.2%0.6%0.7%0.9%0.8%