In addition to traditional media, the company uses digital advertising, social media and online video to inform consumers about value promotions and limited time offerings.

Total advertising spending (MM)$680.1$649.3$635.2$624.3$609.7
Total advertising spending growth4.7%2.2%1.7%2.4%1.1%
Franchisee advertising contribution (MM)$677.7$643.1$586.9$546.1$523.5
Franchisee advertising contribution growth5.4%9.6%7.5%4.3%2.3%
Net advertising spending (MM)$2.4$6.2$48.3$78.2$86.2
Net advertising spending growth-61.3%-87.2%-38.2%-9.3%-5.6%
Net advertising spending % of total revenues0.2%0.5%2.5%3.3%3.4%

Notes:Franchisee contribution estimated by eMarketer based on assumption that all franchisees contribute 4.0% of gross sales to advertising funds