As of Apr 15, 2018, the company operated 188 and franchised 2,057 Jack in the Box restaurants in 21 states.

During fiscal 2017, the company opened 20 and closed 24 Jack in the Box restaurants systemwide, and opened 42 while closing 15 Qdoba restaurants systemwide. The company opened 9 restaurants and closed 15 restaurants, systemwide. On Mar 21, 2018, the company sold the Qdoba concept to Apollo Global Management for $305 million.

At year-end, the company owned the building and the land for 217 locations (197 of which were leased to franchisees), owned the building on leased land at 642 locations (546 of which were leased to franchisees), and leased the land and the building for 1,535 locations (990 of which were leased to franchisees). The remaining 58. locations were directly owned or leased by franchisees. Restaurant leases generally provide for fixed rental payments (with cost-of-living index adjustments) plus real estate taxes, insurance and other expenses, and approximately 14% of leases provide for contingent rental payments between 1% and 20% of gross sales once certain thresholds are met.

Jack in the Box restaurants have multiple prototypes ranging from 48 seats (2,462 square feet) to 82 seats (2,756 square feet), as well as non-traditional locations such as airports, college campuses, stadiums and military bases, which range from 700 to 1,500 square feet. Qdoba restaurants are typically situated in high visibility end-cap and freestanding locations and range between 2,200 and 2,400 square feet (seating capacity ranges from 60 to 80 persons).

Company-operated restaurants146661784735741761
Company-operated restaurant growth-33.8%-15.7%6.7%1.1%-2.6%-11.8%
Franchised restaurants2,0952,3162,1702,1752,1472,105
Franchised restaurant growth9.4%6.7%-0.2%1.3%2.0%4.5%
Systemwide restaurants2,2412,9772,9542,9102,8882,866
Systemwide restaurant growth-0.6%0.8%1.5%1.3%0.8%-0.4%
Avg restaurant gross sq ft2,6002,6002,6002,6002,6002,600
Avg restaurant gross sq ft growth0.0%-0.1%-0.1%-0.1%-0.1%0.0%

Notes:Results after Q4 2017 reflect the sale of the Qdoba concept on Mar 21, 2018.