As of Apr 1, 2018, the company operated 561 locations (519 Chuck E. Cheese's & 42 Peter Piper Pizza) and franchised 195 locations (86 Chuck E. Cheese's & 109 Peter Piper Pizza) in 47 states and 14 foreign countries and territories.

In 2017, the company opened 14 new locations in four countries, consisting of 6 new company operated Peter Piper Pizza venues in the US and 8 new franchised Chuck E. Cheese's venues in four other countries, as well as closing 7 locations, systemwide. During the first three months of fiscal 2018, the company closed 3 net Chuck E. Cheese's locations and 1 Peter Piper Pizza location, systemwide.

Of the 520 Company-owned Chuck E. Cheese’s stores at year-end, 9 are owned premises and 511 are leased. All of the 42 Company-owned Peter Piper Pizza stores at year-end are on leased premises. Lease terms generally provide for an initial term of 10 years, with two additional five-year options to renew.

Chuck E. Cheese’s and Peter Piper Pizza stores are typically located in densely populated locations, and are predominantly situated in shopping centers or in free-standing buildings near shopping centers. On average Chuck E. Cheese’s existing stores are approximately 12,700 square feet, with table and chair seating generally averaging between 400 to 450 guests per store, and include approximately 75 games, rides and attractions. On average Peter Piper Pizza existing stores are approximately 10,100 square feet, with table and chair seating generally averaging between 350 to 400 guests per store, and include approximately 40 games, rides and attractions.

Company-operated restaurants561562559556559522
Company-operated restaurant growth0.2%0.5%0.5%-0.5%7.1%1.6%
Franchised restaurants19519218817617255
Franchised restaurant growth2.1%2.1%6.8%2.3%212.7%7.8%
Systemwide restaurants756754747732731577
Systemwide restaurant growth0.7%0.9%2.0%0.1%26.7%2.1%
Avg restaurant gross sq ft12,30012,30012,40012,40012,40012,500
Avg restaurant gross sq ft growth-0.1%-0.1%-0.1%0.0%-1.1%4.2%