Salaried employees4,7005,1004,5903,7403,020
Salaried employee growth-7.8%11.1%22.7%23.8%17.5%
Salaried employees % of total employment7.3%8.6%8.6%7.6%8.1%
Hourly employees59,87054,23048,50045,34034,290
Hourly employee growth10.4%11.8%7.0%32.2%20.9%
Hourly employees % of total employment92.7%91.4%91.4%92.4%91.9%
Total employment64,57059,33053,09049,08037,310
Total employment growth8.8%11.8%8.2%31.5%20.6%

Notes:Each restaurant typically has a general manager, an apprentice manager, 1 to 3 hourly service managers, 1 or 2 hourly kitchen managers and an average of 23 full and part-time crew members