Total gross billings (MM)$6,096.5$6,096.5$6,255.5$6,237.8$5,757.3$5,380.2
Total gross billing growth-2.5%-2.5%0.3%8.3%7.0%35.0%
North America gross billings (MM)$3,936.4$3,936.4$3,709.8$3,303.5$2,847.2$2,373.2
North America gross billing growth6.1%6.1%12.3%16.0%20.0%51.9%
International gross billings (MM)$2,160.1$2,160.1$2,545.7$2,934.4$2,910.1$3,007.0
International gross billing growth-15.1%-15.1%-13.2%0.8%-3.2%24.1%

Notes:Ecommerce sales includes direct sales of goods and services to customers; third party & other revenues consists of net revenues retained from the sale of Groupons, advertising revenue, payment processing revenue, point of sale revenue, reservation revenue and commission revenue