As of Jun 30, 2018, the company operated 303 furniture stores, including 100 franchised stores, across all Canadian provinces and territories.

During fiscal 2017, the company opened 3 new stores and closed 4 stores, systemwide. During the first quarter of fiscal 2018, the company closed 1 franchise store.

The lease terms on the stores and distribution centers range from 6 to 40 years and include those extension options management considers likely to be exercised.

Store growth0.3%-1.0%3.5%-0.5%-4.8%364.4%
Total gross square feet (M)8,9718,9619,0038,5148,6008,700
Total gross square feet growth0.0%-0.5%5.7%-1.0%-1.1%125.3%
Avg store gross sq ft44,00044,10043,90043,00043,20041,600
Avg store gross sq ft growth0.0%0.5%2.1%-0.5%3.8%-51.5%

Notes:Total store count includes company-operated and franchised stores; total square feet and average store size only reflects compan-operated stores; includes the results of The Brick since March 2013