Salaried employees1,2001,2001,200800739
Salaried employee growth0.0%0.0%50.0%8.3%N/A
Salaried employees % of total employment34.3%40.0%41.4%47.1%41.1%
Hourly employees2,3001,8001,7009001,061
Hourly employee growth27.8%5.9%88.9%-15.2%N/A
Hourly employees % of total employment65.7%60.0%58.6%52.9%58.9%
Total employment3,5003,0002,9001,7001,800
Total employment growth16.7%3.4%70.6%-5.6%N/A

Notes:On average, each store typically has 10 full- and part-time employees, with larger stores having over 20 employees and smaller stores having as few as 5 employees