As of Oct 29, 2016, the company operated 485 stores, including 90 Hudson's Bay stores, 50 Lord & Taylor stores, 41 Saks Fifth Avenue stores, 118 Off 5th stores, 56 Home Outfitters stores, as well as 130 stores in Europe under the GALERIA Kaufhof, GALERIA Inno and Sportarena names.

In fiscal 2015, the company opened 13 net Off 5th stores and closed 5 net Home Outfitters. Additionally, in the third quarter, the company completed the acquisition of GALERIA Holding, the parent company of department stores GALERIA Kaufhof in Germany and GALERIA Inno in Belgium. During the first nine months of fiscal 2016, the company opened 5 Saks Fifth Avenue stores, 31 Off 5th stores and closed 2 Saks Fifth Avenue stores, 3 Off Fifth stores, 6 Home Outfitters stores, and 1 Galeria Kaufhof store. In fiscal 2016, the company expects to open 7 Saks Fifth Avenue stores and approximately 32 Off Fifth stores.

At year end, store ownership and prototype by concept were as follows: Hudson's Bay- owned 1, jointly-owned 10, ground leased 2, and leased 77 stores, which range from 83,000 to 851,000 square feet and average approximately 180,000 square feet; Home Outfitters- leased 62 stores, which range from 28,000 to 81,000 square feet and average approximately 35,700 square feet; Saks Fifth Avenue owned 5, jointly-owned 12, ground leased 6 and leased 19 stores, which range from 34,000 to 655,000 square feet and average approximately 118,000 square feet; Off 5th- leased 90 stores, which range from 15,000 to 46,000 square feet and average approximately 29,000 square feet; Lord & Taylor- owned 7, jointly owned 30, ground leased 5, and leased 8 stores, which range from 79,000 to 676,000 square feet and average approximately 140,000 square feet; and Galeria Kaufhof-mixed ownership 11, jointly-owned 41, ground leased 2, and leased 48 stores, which range from 105,000 to 1,229,000 square feet and average approximately 292,000 square feet.

Store growth4.1%43.2%0.6%54.6%0.5%-0.5%
Total gross square feet (M)61,92962,19032,08132,38725,46125,381
Total gross square feet growth-1.6%93.9%-0.9%27.2%0.3%-0.3%
Avg store gross sq ft127,700134,90099,600101,200123,000123,200
Avg store gross sq ft growth-5.5%35.4%-1.6%-17.7%-0.2%0.2%

Notes:Reflects the acquisition of Saks in Nov 2013