As of Oct 10, 2015, there were 2,440 stores systemwide across Canada, including 604 company-operated stores, 529 franchised food stores and 1,307 franchised drug stores, as well as standalone Joe Fresh stores in the US.

In fiscal 2014, the company opened 22 and closed 12 food stores, and Shoppers Drug Mart was acquired which added 1,376 drug stores.

As of year-end, 72% of corporate real estate was owned and 45% of franchise real estate was owned. Corporate stores average 59,800 square feet and franchise stores average 29,400 square feet. Drug stores average approximately 13,600 square feet.

Store growth0.0%129.3%1.2%0.7%1.9%-0.2%
Total gross square feet (M)70,00070,00051,90051,50051,20050,700
Total gross square feet growth0.1%34.9%0.8%0.6%1.0%0.2%
Avg store gross sq ft29,00028,60048,70048,90048,90049,400
Avg store gross sq ft growth0.1%-41.2%-0.5%-0.1%-0.8%0.4%

Notes:Includes company-operated and franchised stores; reflects the acquisition of Shoppers Drug Mart in Q2 2014